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Début de journée
  • 19.00
    Salle Aimé Césaire  
  • 20.00
    Salle Aimé Césaire  

    20.00 - Film #1 en timeline

    – “Mas que nada” is an expression with no equivalents in english. Literally, it would mean “but such nothing”. If you want to understand its meaning, imagine an expression that combines “nevermind”, “no way”, and “come on!”, all together. Here on the song, “mas que nada” is more like a “I don’t care, I just wanna dance”.

    – The two ladies singing in portuguese are, actually, north-americans – and one of them is Lani Hall, most known for her performance at the theme song for the Bond movie “Never say never again”. Their pronounce is so good that even some brazilians do not know they’re foreigners.

    – “Maracatu” is a rhythm from brazilian northeast with huge african influence.

    – “Preto velho”, here translated as “old black man”, is a common character in afro-brazilian culture. That’s a general name used to refer both to black people’s ancestors and to entities in afro-brazilian religions.

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